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Truck loader 0

Truck Loader

One of the best games to play with is Truck Loader. The game is not only about excitement but also about improving your analytical skills as well.

truck loader 2 0

Truck Loader 2

The game is beneficial for children since it can improve their skill of analytic since they have to analyze how to control the truck to the boxes and how to carry the boxes to the right position.

truck loader 3 0

Truck Loader 3

The third version of Truck Loader series is now featured with thirty exciting game levels. There are also some small surprises, ramps and also explosive boxes to support your excitement toward the game.

truck loader 4 0

Truck Loader 4

Truck Loader 4 is loaded with newest features that will give you a superb experience when playing the game. Some new adventures are also added to make your truck stronger as well as the faithful magnet.

truck loader 5 0

Truck Loader 5

Truck loader 5 is such an exciting game that burnishes your skill in operating the truck. The wacky machine is back with lots of physic puzzles you have to resolve.

truck loader 6 0

Truck Loader 6

When it comes to Truck Loader 6 game, means that it’s the right time to move your virtual truck. Technically, the game requires you to load your own heavy truck by using a big crane.

truck loader 7 0

Truck Loader 7

The upgraded version is a little bit different since there are some additions into the new game.

truck loader unblocked 0

Truck Loader Unblocked

Observing the things on the game screen, you will think that the games are easy. As you see, there are cargos and boxes and also a forklift truck.

truck loader 2 unblocked 0

Truck Loader 2 Unblocked

You can play the 20 level of this game. All the level has different challenges to solve. You will be so satisfied after finishing one level and cannot wait to continue the next level.

Truck loader 3 unblocked 0

Truck Loader 3 Unblocked

Each level has its excitement differently. You will see explosive boxes, slopes. In the end of the level, you can play mini games such as basketball.

truck loader 4 unblocked 1

Truck Loader 4 Unblocked

In this fourth version, this game provides thrilling 30 levels. The higher the level, the more exciting the challenges will be. You will be so exited and curious to have the next level.

truck loader 5 unblocked 1

Truck Loader 5 Unblocked

Some people may need the cheats and that’s okay. The new version provides great new features such as ‘High Score’ and also you will get ‘Share on Facebook’ feature.