Truck Loader 1


  • Move left/right

    Magnetic lifter


Truck loader 1 comes as one of the most popular flash games in the internet. As you know, online games are online enjoyed by young people. Nevertheless, you can’t deny the fact that adults also get interested in playing some flash online games, too. How come? Well, there are several games that are able to improve your intelligent. The games are created with science as well. The games, furthermore, also enhance the thinking capabilities that are important for you. One of the most popular games that grab attention is Truck Loader 1.

truck loader 1

To play the game, you will need to pay attention to the whole game level. The game is also addictive in such positive way. Your job is loading the lorries with some magnetic forklift trucks. All you need to do is stack everything in correct destination. There will be twenty challenging levels you are going to face. Truck Loader 1 is all about strategy. At first, you may think that the game is quite easy, but you will never know till you have tried.

truck loader 1

You will see a room with lots of cargos and boxes as well as a forklift truck. Your job is moving the boxes to specific destination required. Nevertheless, it is not only the case you have to resolve. For your information, the forklift truck is maneuvered by a truck magnet. Hence, you will need strategy to identify which the best position to lift up the cargo is as well as accurate pressing in order to activate the magnet to transfer the cargo to one place to another.


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