Truck Loader 2


  • Move left/right

    Magnetic lifter


With the latest technology, Truck Loader 2 is advanced with the latest technology as well. The game is all about analysis and skills. You may think that the game is somewhat simple as the game display presents you with construction site scenario with boxes, truck and a forklift truck only. Your job is control the forklift truck and guides the magnet toward the boxes as well as transporting, or even stacking them into certain position. Other game features are also added such as a conveyor belt, new game modes and breakable fragile boxes that will trigger your constructing skill.

truck loader 2

Since truck loader 2 is categorized as a flash game, it means that the game should be played by you with no group. The game is also considered as an individual game as well. Even though it is individual, it can improve your analytical skill as the game is made with science. However, the game is not only providing entertainment and fun, but also promotes learning rightly by enhancing your skills.

truck loader 2 level 16

The game could be addicting since there are twenty game levels with different twists and challenges. When you have successfully finished a game level, you are going to find that the game is exciting. The game is beneficial for children since it can improve their skill of analytic since they have to analyze how to control the truck to the boxes and how to carry the boxes to the right position. The game is also promoting hand coordination and vision as you will need to pay attention to the imminent twists constantly.


Walkthrough level 12

Walkthrough level 16

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