Truck Loader 3 Unblocked

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All levels unlocked.


  • Move

    Activate Magnet


    Move Crane


Can you imagine playing games with Science? Nobody will think about playing games using physics. However, there is a game which can be played as well as learned physics. It developed from the early version of truck loader game, Truck Loader 3 Unblocked. In this game, the player will have control the yellow hero in the forklift truck. All through the game, the truck will face puzzles in finding new abilities. Each level has its excitement differently. You will see explosive boxes, slopes. In the end of the level, you can play mini games such as basketball. There will be 30 levels to accomplish.

Truck loader 3 unblocked

To play Truck Loader 3 Unblocked, you only need to click ‘play game’. Then, there are options to enter the levels but for the first play, you should play the level one by one in order to unlock next level. ‘The Basis’ is the first level, in this level, the truck press the key to make the boxes fall down. Then the player should push them to truck. The second level is ‘Orange Button’, in this level, the truck get benefit of orange button. The truck can move backwards and bring it down. The boxes will be pulled by the magnet and goes to the truck.

‘Catacombs’ is the third level of Truck Loader 3 Unblocked. You will see many catacombs and the truck has to make the boxes fall down to the catacomb. Push the blue key and the boxes will fall. The forklift will push the box to the truck afterward. Those just the three levels of this game. The rest will be more addicting.

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