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Are you a big fan of truck loader game series especially truck loader 3? Well, the game has upgraded the game into thirty challenging game levels you can play with. The third version of Truck Loader series is now featured with thirty exciting game levels. There are also some small surprises, ramps and also explosive boxes to support your excitement toward the game.

truck loader 3

Your job is to place some boxes inside the trucks to some designated destinations in the back of your truck. You can control the truck with truck’s magnetic arm. The magnetic arm is able to pick up those boxes from your truck. You can use the boxes or your truck to push certain buttons in order to activate the elevators and gates. Just keep in mind to be careful with those explosive boxes since they can break into small pieces if you handle it roughly. To unload the truck, you can make you the truck’s crane as well.

truck loader 3 level 23

For your information, the game levels are all challenging and your task is helping the truck to move some heavy boxes and then load them into the moving truck. In every level, you are going to be exposed toward explosion loads, great abilities, mazes and ramps varieties with lots of surprises! The thing is, the game is not actually easy as it seems since the crates have to be loaded in certain tricky destinations. Obviously all the thirty game levels are available in sequels and prequels as well. Therefore, if it’s your first time to play the game, you’re going to find lots of fun!


Level 1-15

Level 16-30

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