Truck Loader 4 Unblocked

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All levels unlocked (don’t mind them being gray just click them).


  • Move

    Activate Magnet


    Move Crane


The number of people playing online games is really surprising. More than 200 millions games are created every year. However, the qualities of the games are still questionable. Not all games have good qualities. Moreover, there are games which can improve the intellectual of the players. Those kinds of games have both sides fun and educating. Truck Loader 4 Unblocked has both sides. Each level needs physics in accomplishing. This game is the fourth version of the truck loader game.

truck loader 4 unblocked

The first level is ‘Let’s start’ welcome the players by fun and simple challenge. Just press the green button and the boxes will fall down. The forklift truck will push right away the box to truck. Remember, after getting the box inside the truck, you should control the magnet of the truck. Leave the truck immediately or else you will get stuck at the back of the truck. Run through the tenth level, ‘Box Cannon’, the forklift truck push the box then slide and push down to truck. It seems so simple but if you don’t use strategy this level will be challenging.

There is a reason why Truck Loader 4 Unblocked is one of the intellectual games. There is no player who gets flying color for each level. The cheats are available but the game will not be fun anymore with cheats. In this fourth version, this game provides thrilling 30 levels. The higher the level, the more exciting the challenges will be. You will be so exited and curious to have the next level.

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