Truck Loader 4


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Truck Loader 4 is loaded with newest features that will give you a superb experience when playing the game. Some new adventures are also added to make your truck stronger as well as the faithful magnet. Just like the previous version of the game, all you need to do is loading some boxes into a truck in requested order. The game, furthermore, incorporated physics skills in all levels of challenging. The game also promises lots of fun yet challenging game levels to play with.

truck loader 4

As expected, the game is started with initial level of the first level. This welcoming level is quite easy to play with as well. You will be given a challenge that is easy and also entertaining. You should press the green button to let some boxes to fall down. Afterward, the forklift truck will push the boxes into the truck. After pushing those boxes, you have to control the forklift truck. You have to leave the truck immediately unless you want to get stuck at the back of your truck.

truck loader 4 level 20

When it comes to the tenth level, the level is called Box Cannon. The forklift truck is going to push the box to the lever and then slide it, pushing it down to the truck. It might look so easy but if you are new to this game, this game level is somewhat challenging then. as the game level gets higher, you will find that the game is so challenging and fun. There will be thirty challenging game levels you have to finish to enjoy the excitement of the game.


Level 5

Level 20

Level 26

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