Truck Loader 5 Unblocked

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Here comes the fifth version of truck loader games, Truck Loader 5 Unblocked. This game is so popular and complete in the new features. The task in this game is the same as the previous one. You will accomplish each level by controlling the cargo truck. The new player will think it is simple, but the one who have played the previous truck loader games don’t think so. The new version provides great new features such as ‘High Score’ and also you will get ‘Share on Facebook’ feature. The high score is such extra challenge for players to keep their places. Even you can ask your friends in Facebook to join the games.

truck loader 5 unblocked

This is the new and exciting feature which you cannot find in the previous games. Truck Loader 5 Unblocked can be played by multiplayer. If you are parents, you can play it with your kids. This game will need the mouse to play, so the players will take turn to play. The first player play the level then the second player takes turn. After coming to the end, the total score will appear. Then the winner of the competition will show up.

Some people may need the cheats and that’s okay. If you get stuck and need the cheats, you can look for in YouTube or many articles online are available. This game is created for all ages. Children who are over than 6 years old and older can play this game. Because of the analytical and strategy skills, the younger children than 6 will find difficulties.

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