Truck Loader 5


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Truck loader 5 is such an exciting game that burnishes your skill in operating the truck. The wacky machine is back with lots of physic puzzles you have to resolve. Those trucks will not stack themselves. All you need to do is breaking out the can of nudge grease as well as starting the crates. You’ve got to use the magnetic arm in order to manipulate some boxes into the right position inside the truck. Furthermore, you also have to activate numerous buttons in order to open up several doors available.

truck loader 5

Your main job is filling the empty spaces within the trucks with crates cargos the company has to transport. Let the driver do the trip as all you need to do is just picking up goods with huge magnet and then drop them in certain way they will not crash or even damage.

truck loader 5 level 12

Loading the truck in any way you are able to. The puzzles will need to be solved and the game next level will make you think a little bit. In case you want to play in a full screen mode, try to hold down the CTRL key and then scroll the middle  button of the mouse down to zoom out and up to zoom in. as the game level gets higher, the game will be more difficult. After having loading the crates into the truck, then you should back the truck hence it can drive away again. The game is challenging as you have to accomplish all puzzle game levels inside the truck.

On the other hand, the truck loader 5 is also featured with loading games. Therefore, you will be able to test your skills in ordering puzzles. Just make sure that your internet connection is on to play the game. Unfortunately, the display of the game is not available in HD. Hence, you will see the game display in unsatisfied picture since the game has few pixels within.


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