Truck Loader 6


  • brake

    Switch between crane or truck

  • Release the objects from the cra

    Pick up objects with your crane


When it comes to Truck Loader 6 game, means that it’s the right time to move your virtual truck. Technically, the game requires you to load your own heavy truck by using a big crane. The truck itself is equipped with cargo especially at the beginning of every game level. When the truck is loaded, you must be able to deliver the cargo safely to required destination. Moreover, you can move the cargo with the help of cranes that will be provided each time you move your truck.

truck loader 6

Meanwhile, you must also unload the truck in order to pass the game level. For your information, there are more than twenty game levels you have to pass on. Just like other type of game, each level will have its own difficulties you have to overcome with the truck as well as the crane provided. Hence, the game is not easier as it seems.

Don’t underestimate the game since the game may look so easy but when you are trying the game, you are going to experience how hard it is. Therefore, you have to pay attention to the game instruction before making any deal with the game. Consider using arrow keys if you want to control the truck as well as the crane. Space bar is used to be brake both of them. Meanwhile, SHIFT and CONTROL is used to unload and load the truck’s cargo. In case you want to change the view of truck or crane, you can make use Z to go.


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