Truck Loader 7


  • brake

    Switch between crane or truck

  • Release the objects from the cra

    Pick up objects with your crane


Have you ever tried truck loader 7 game before? Well, the game is lots of fun and so exciting. The game is generally available online. You can download the game for free as well. The new adventure of the previous Truck Loader game is upgraded as there will be new adventures revealed. The upgraded version is a little bit different since there are some additions into the new game. Just keep in mind that your main goal is loading some boxes into a truck especially in requested order as well. Furthermore, the loader itself has several new tricks on the sleeve. In line with that, the warehouse is also evolving into a course of obstacle.

truck loader 7

The new arena of Freestyle is allowing you to play with the old junkyard buggy without limit. So, you can feel free to play with no worries of time running out. You can use the magnetic lift to get some goods back to the pickup truck to be transported. Consider loading up the trucks and then send them away in twenty different challenging levels.

Take into account that the game requires practice, mouse skills and also patience. So, you have to be careful when playing the game. The graphic of the game is somewhat standard since you will see the picture of truck in fewer pixels graphic. To move the truck, consider using A/D or using right/left arrow keys. In order to control the truck’s arms, you can use your mouse to control it directly. In case you are about to magnetize the truck’s arm, consider using left click to make it right.


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