Truck Loader


  • Move left/right

    Magnetic lifter


Truck Loader is released due to the updates of the latest technology. Moreover, there are many online games are also released concurrently. The games are far different with games available ten years ago as well. Flash games are also introduced to provide entertainment as it also has high resolution on the game display, colorful and attractive game feature. On the other hand, it’s great that there are numerous games are produced. One of the best games to play with is Truck Loader. The game is not only about excitement but also about improving your analytical skills as well. therefore, it can increase your intelligent for sure.

Truck loader

Truck Loader 1 offers a game with an excellent system as it can increase your knowledge. In the end of the game, you can also find yourself satisfied finishing all the game levels. After successfully finishing several game levels, now it’s the right time to move up your game challenging level. The next game level will offer you more challenging as well as twisting game to make you satisfied with the game.

truck loader level 24

The main goal of this game is loading some stuff inside the truck into requested destinations. All you need to do is handling the truck and move it fast so it delivers the cargo within. You have to move the cargo into highlighted areas. Some game levels might be difficult since the go buttons can cause unpredicted actions or even ruining game level you have achieved. That’s why you have to pay attention to every move your truck makes. You can out the crates in correct destination by making use your truck’s magnetic crane.


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